HNC Seminar Weekend Day 1

After burning the candle at both ends of the day (and some patient help and advice from Susan and my assistant Phil for designing and printing the swatch labels) I managed to set off for Bradford on Friday morning with a finished presentation of my ‘organics’ project in a rather unwieldy A1 folder. Along the way I’ve learnt to darn, wash and finish my swatches, prepare their display on mount board (many thanks to Helen from the Craft Centre Gallery for the advice and ideas!), and gather all my digital images together to create a slideshow.

Sadly our lecture for the day – the second part of Unit 7 on textile technology – was cancelled due to the lecturer’s illness. Sad in many ways, but the compensation was that the class was able to have informal time to study each others presentations. Andrea gave us a run down on our next project (submission date February 20!). Pam Brooke very kindly stepped in to give some most generous time and advice to those planning their Historical and Contextutal Studies presentation. She  has also lent me an early edition of Ethel Mairet’s A Book on Vegetable Dyes hand-printed from the Ditchling Press – and probably quite valuable. It was about to be thrown in a skip by the College librarians! Nobody had taken it out for about 20 years . . .

During Andrea’s session some of the class did express personal concern about the recording and presentation of technical details. Jane quietly put us right, and when I looked at her own file of technical details later, her approach was exemplary and a model for us all. The solution: make up your own technical sheet on Exel.

I spent most of the free time available carefully looking at the detail of my colleagues presentations, particularly the many excellent accompanying sketchbooks. I have to say that for me the most interesting and impressive work on display came from the knitters, and their presentations were very much the tip of the iceberg of their collected work. As Bridget said: you can knit anywhere and once the pattern and design is established it can be quite straightforward to produce a series of experiments in a single evening.

For once I’ll cut the descriptive text and simply present below a gallery selection of images from presentations and sketches. During Day 2 I’ll gather some comments to attach to each image. A more extensive collection of images can be found in the Organics album on my on-line gallery here.


One Response to “HNC Seminar Weekend Day 1”

  1. Andrew Brown Says:

    On a google search for Philip Mairet (Ethel’s second husband) I stumbled across your site and saw, in this post, reference to Ethel’s book on vegetable dyes. Just in case it is of interest and use to yourself and/or your readers I thought I’d let you know that a scanned in copy of the book in pdf form is available free of charge at the Internet Archive. You can find it here:

    Happy weaving and dyeing


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