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Teaching Meg to weave and other delights

May 27, 2010

Visiting the gardens at Hestercombe was such a revelatory experience I’ve been lost to know how to present it in words and images. It was the first of three celebrated gardens I visited during three days I spent in the West Country at the beginning of May. I’ve ‘done’ gardens before now but I’ve never truly engaged with them, or understood them in any way at all. I’ve never had my own garden, as my partners have always owned these spaces, and I suppose I’ve never staked a claim and said I’d like to get involved. But then I didn’t engage with the music of Beethoven properly until I was in my mid 40s. I didn’t begin to understand the textile world until 2 years ago, and now I’ve been knocked sideways by what I’ve begun to understand a garden can represent.

Hestercombe House from the rear with a view south towards the Quantock Hills




Recording, Weaving and Thinking Gardens

May 9, 2010

I have had a few days away from my studio to put the finishing touch to my work on tapestry artist Jilly Edwards exhibition Sense of Place: a woven record of a journey. As the exhibition is 350 miles away in South Devon I made my own journey last week across one of the loveliest parts of England in springtime, Worcester and Gloucestershire. These are the counties most associated with fruit growing in the UK and this past week was probably the zenith of blossom time. It’s also been my joy on this journey to visit three exceptional gardens and two remarkable buildings. As I attempt to write about all this I realise I have hardly begun to process all I’ve seen and experienced; it will probably be weeks before I can make proper sense and order of the pictures and ideas in my head.

Three colours of Hyacinthoides @ Hestercombe