Time to call a halt

It has been nearly two years since I undertook the experiment of keeping a blog to illustrate my adventure in learning to weave and study woven textile design. I meant NigelWeaving partly to provide me with a record of the learning process, partly to accommodate all those invaluable Internet links one collects using the web as a research tool. I had no idea I would find myself communicating with so many people who shared and enjoyed this craft – and from all over the globe. I feel I have made so many friends through writing a fortnightly summary of my work in progress.

Weave in silk by Julie Fellows exhibiting at New Designers 2010


That said, the nature and rationale of NigelWeaving has changed. It has  extended itself into reflection upon my growing interest in textiles and craft in general. I’ve used it to promote some of my work as a composer, writer and academic. I’ve occasionally written about  my family and my long-suffering friends and colleagues.  I know I’ve included recipes, travel adventures, gardens, poetry, book reviews and  gallery visits, but I hope there has always been something  each fortnight to do with woven textiles. I am sad to know I have incurred the displeasure of individuals who have been concerned about the content of my blogs. To them I offer my apologies. To everyone else, who has over the past two years sent me such kind and generous comments, wonderful information, invaluable advice and often just good wishes, Thank You.

I may continue to record my work in blog form, but privately, as an invitation-only on-line journal. The content and structure of this I shall gently think about between now and September. I’ll email all those who might be interested if and when it’s ready to go. At that point this current blog will be removed from the web.

The time has come to part company with NigelWeaving and concentrate on Nigel Composing (but definitely no blog on this one). 

In friendship




14 Responses to “Time to call a halt”

  1. Barbara Says:


    “Incurred the displeasure of individuals who have been concerned about the content….”
    Oh my! This is not unusual, I hear; and it is one of the things that has kept me from starting a blog myself. Given that subscribing and reading is fully optional, how dare they complain? BLOG used to stand for a personal web-log, a journal of sorts, that graciously permitted others to ride along if they were interested. How so many have come to think of them as being obliged to cater to their readers is quite bizarre.

    I, for one, have enjoyed your musings. Your “departures” from weaving have been of interest, or sometimes not, which is fine. I welcome the diversions. It is like a good friendship. Friendships often begin through a common interest, and then friends are able to pull one another into new and unfamiliar territories once they have established a relationship. Friends are the best way to be exposed to new cultures, interests, ideas, and skills. Blogs enable us to widen our pool of exposures internationally through the same principles. You have taken me to gardens I have never heard of, reminded me of a favorite childhood book, and permitted me entry into the lifestyle of a modern day composer. Please don’t let a few irrational and vocal individuals convince you that your musings are not of interest. We are all multidimensional (thank goodness), and your blog has beautifully reflected that.

    If you choose to continue through private subscription, sign me up.


    Barbara in Massachusetts, USA

  2. Peg in South Carolina Says:

    I agree with absolutely everything Barbara said–in spades!!! I do NOT want to part company with Nigel/Weaving, or Nigel/composing or Nigel/living, for that matter. You have been a glorious breath of fresh air.

  3. Doe Says:

    Hi Nigel,
    I’ve enjoyed your entries too and will be sorry to see the blog go.
    Thanks for the insights particularly related to the textile world and all the interesting images of yours and others design work.
    Regards, Doe.

  4. Janet Says:


    Barbara seems to have said it all. Peg in South Carolina agreed in “spades.” I agree in “hearts.” I thoroughly enjoy your blog–both in the varied content and depth.

    Best wishes in your composing, textiles, and adventures.


  5. Shandy Says:

    Oh, what a shame! I found it absolutely fascinating to read about the mix of things which were inspiring to you and the directions you pursued with them. To be honest, critiques of other people’s work were of less interest to me – but seeing you bring together a photo of a garden, a poem, and some yarn from a thrift shop – I love it.

  6. Margreet Says:

    Barbara has said it all. Your blog has been a very pleasant place to visit and read. Your weaving journey together with so many other topics. You will be greatly missed and I do hope you will rethink and continue with your blog.

  7. Laura Thomas Says:

    To echo the remarks above…. your blog has been a real pleasure to read. I am flabbergasted that strangers dare complain about the content of YOUR BLOG. So what if there are diversions: life isn’t a straight path.

    With warmest wishes, Laura

  8. jen Says:

    Hi Nigel –

    I’m sorry to hear you will no longer be writing this blog.
    I want to let you know how inspirational it is to me. I will
    be going back to school this September to do a part-time art & design
    foundation course. It’s certainly a mix of emotions. By chance do you know
    of other schools in the country that has the HND Woven Textiles course like the one in Bradford? I live in Bristol.

    Good luck with your future endeavours and have a great summer.

    Bristol, UK formerly Brooklyn, NYC

  9. Kimberly Says:

    Dear Nigel,

    I have only just found your blog and from what I have read I cannot imagine why you should have ever received complaints! As a budding fiber artist myself I have found it very interesting where and how you have found inspiration, as well as the links to other artists. I hope you change your mind about closing the blog, but can understand if you don’t. Keep up the good work and if you decide to do another blog, let me know!

    Kentucky, USA

  10. Deanna Says:

    I have only read your list occasionally, but it is on my favorites to check up on. I have enjoyed sharing your musing, I am more interested in the textiles, but life and especially music is always wonderful.

  11. ShuttlePilot Says:

    Have so enjoyed lurking on your blog these past several months when life intervened and took me away from my weaving.

    Thank you for allowing me to enjoy a dose of creativity, albeit vicariously through reading your adventures.

    Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.


  12. Jane Says:

    I just found your blog and I’m sad to see you have decided to stop blogging.
    I have read here with much interest.
    Good luck with your new blog !


  13. Kellie Says:

    oh please don’t take down your blog .I have just discovered you as well and your journey seems so interesting and inspiring. I would love to see and read about your journey.

  14. Alison Says:

    Hey ho, I’m too late. So no more weaving what a shame, I was hoping to follow your composing and weaving, sounded fascinating. What about the Sheila Hicks work?

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