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Warp + Weft

November 11, 2010

I’ve just taken a very necessary four-month break from two years of fortnightly writing on the web. Do I try and fill in the gap with a resume of what’s been happening since mid July, or just jump right in and start from now? It seems a pity perhaps to miss out on making my #2 scarf (designed by my youngest daughter Meg, but this one woven by me). Then there is my series of minimalist series of paper and raphia pieces, much delayed because sourcing the right paper proved so difficult. Both projects gave me much pleasure and meant that rarely a day went by without a little weaving taking place on my Toika loom.

Scarf #2 - designed by Meg, woven by Nigel

If I consider where I am now as a designer / weaver then I can say that I have a little more confidence in what I do, the results begin to please me, and the whole business is less of a mystery (and a worry) than previously. Just yesterday I received a card from print-maker Ann Marshall who I met when I had my two days study on colour and structure with felt artist Jeanette Appleton at Farfield Mill. The letter said she thought it must have been 2008!? It was, and I was just a few months into weaving then. I’m still a long way from my 10,000 hours (pace Richard Sennett) but in two and half years I can say, hand on heart, I can weave. Ann’s latest show is at the Jgallery and it’s a set of what she describes as ‘narrative pieces informed by two songs and how the poetry and music inspired dance choreographed for a Hollywood musical’.