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Thread is a Thought (by Cos Ahmet)

November 24, 2016

My practice cannot be defined by a sole discipline. This statement is not only that of artist Cos Ahmet but comes close to what the recent winner of the Hepworth Prize for Sculpture Helen Marten suggests about her work. It’s a combination of collage, printmaking and textiles, and by what he’s showing at this years Knitting and Stitching Shows it is pretty much all 3-dimensional. He may be a member of the British Tapestry Group and recipient of the Theo Moorman grant, but his work is (to quote another tapestry artist in a different place Jilly Edwards) decidedly not ‘woolly pictures on the wall’.


I spent a good half an hour engaging with his work at the Dublin end of the K&S Show. It was a half hour of sketching his intriguing textile sculptures, half an hour deciphering a collection of work that is like nothing I had encountered before. Making a sketch, however rough, is, for me, the best way to engage with looking.