Just a few words about me . . .

I’m a composer and academic (university research fellow in Computer Music) who has finally realised a long-held ambition to learn to weave. In September 2008 I started a HNC course in Woven Textile Design at Bradford College in West Yorkshire, UK. This is a fortnightly blog in which I share something of the adventure that is learning to weave. In August 2009 I held my first residency as a weaver and composer at Farfield Mill in Cumbria, forming Textiles and Music Interact with textile artist and singer Alice Fox. In September 2009 I acquired a beautiful Polish tapestry loom and have begun to study tapestry techniques and practice, with helpful tuition and guidance from tapestry artists, Fiona Hutchinson, Sue Lawty and Jilly Edwards. This blog is my way of recording progress, reflecting on my woven designs and work, and developing a critical appreciation of the rich world of textile art, Enjoy!


5 Responses to “Just a few words about me . . .”

  1. Diane Chesworth Says:

    Thank you, this blog has given me motivation to crack on with my own course again. I am currently enrolled on an Open College of Arts course textiles 1 and started it in September but just before Christmas I lost all motivation to continue. It’s difficult at times as with an open college course you have no-one to bounce ideas off. Further on in the course is a section about weaving. I will certainly be returning to your blog. I also live in West Yorkshire. I am working in a high school and am employed as an instructor, teaching textiles as I haven’t any teaching qualifications but have a passion for textiles.

    Lovely to read your blog and so pleased to see that you are thorougly enjoying your change of direction in life.

  2. rustjewellery Says:

    Your blog is fantastic! Im just finishing my first bit of weaving, and your work has givin me so much inspiration for my next projects. You are very talented indeed, cant wait to see some more!


  3. Ruth Says:

    I’ve been weaving almost all my life, but it was perfect to find your blog as you demonstrate all that is good about weaving and the excitement of wanting to learn and the joy of learning something new. I’ve been on a rant all day with a fellow weaver, complaining about the lack of student work and new ideas in the “Handwoven” magazine – your blog is a lovely inspiration to anyone who was starting to think that it all just “the same old thing” out there!

  4. Theresa Says:

    What a wonderful blog, full of inspiration. Thank you.

  5. Judy Says:

    Hello, Nigel
    I came across your blog while Googling on Tissanova instructions for my weaving sister who also acquired a Tissanova with no instructions. I saw that you need the instructions too. I eventually came across them on this website:
    The instructions are the 2 links in the forum message at the top (dated 25-5-2008 by Sandrine Tricofolk.)
    The instructions are in French but it looks like they are complete.

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